Skin types

Skin types: what is your skin type and what does it need?


Each skin type has advantages and disadvantages. People who often have scales because of their very dry skin are totally unaware of the shiny effect caused by oily skin.

If your skin is combination type, you need to take special care of your T-zone etc. Are you constantly disappointed because of your skin type? Useless. Find out how to have beautiful skin by knowing its weaknesses and choosing the right skincare!

Skin type is passed on genetically and will not change during your lifetime. On the other hand, the current state of your skin can become problematic at certain times, for example due to hormonal changes in your body, your state of health, your lifestyle or your psyche. Then, there are problematic, sensitive or mature skins which precisely depend on a momentary state.

How to recognize normal skin

It is simply necessary to ensure that it remains as it is. Hydrate her during the day (for example with Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost , a gel-like product with hyaluronic acid) and give her nourishing care with vitamins at night. To cleanse normal skin , use a cleansing milk and a cleansing gel (Garnier Bio Lemongrass pleasantly awakens the skin thanks to its lemongrass extracts and the cornflower floral water it contains). If you choose a good serum (with hyaluronic acid or collagen) and do a detoxifying or cleansing mask once a week, you will see that the result will be perfect.

How to recognize dry skin

She is also quite sensitive. These characteristics are often the result of a poor skin barrier that fails to protect the skin against external effects (but its condition is also the result of stress).

How to take care of dry skin

Choose creams with shea butter, glycerin or hyaluronic acid as these substances have the power to hydrate, nourish and heal very dry skin. Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive dry skin cream is excellent even if you have atopic skin. When you remove your makeup, do not use micellar water or other products with alcohol, rather opt for an oil or hydrophilic oil.

How to recognize oily skin

Your skin always feels like you’re sweating, it glows, and you definitely have times when it becomes problematic with lots of little pimples.. Oily skin , what to do?

How to take care of oily skin

It is essential to clean it well. A micellar water for oily skin will dry out the skin and will thus be perfect. You can also opt for an oily skin cleanser such as a purifying and mattifying gel.. The best moisturizer for oily skin is a non-comedogenic cream, and the most Indeed, these ingredients cleanse in depth, they tighten the pores and mattify the surface of the skin. By the way, there is an oily skin product that can also help you a lot: do you know Shiseido Generic Skincare Oil Control Blotting Papers for oily skin??

How to recognize combination skin

Combination skin is quite complicated, it is often oily in the T zone and rather dry and sensitive on the rest of the face. But don’t worry, a good choice of the products used will give them a nice balance.

The best treatments for combination skin

For make-up removal, we recommend that you choose water-based products because oil would not be suitable for the T-zone and alcohol-based treatments would tend to dry out the rest of the face. So opt for a make-up remover, a good tonic, perhaps also a gel like Nuxe Aquabella which also has micro-exfoliating effects. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, take the time to lightly moisturize it.

How to recognize sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is often irritated, dry and reddened, it causes burning or itching sensations in reaction to various cosmetic products, but also to external effects such as temperature changes. Many problems that are often due to a weakened protective skin film and low fat content of the skin.

How to take care of sensitive skin

With gentleness and without using products that could be irritating. Cleanse the skin and remove make-up with a gel or micellar water, possibly followed by a tonic lotion. Gentle cleansing is also provided by Bioderma products from the Créaline pink range .

Although this is not a basic skin type and each of the skin types we have just discussed will one day become mature skin, it is important to remember that the best cream for mature skin includes ingredients that promote the production of collagen and elastin to keep it taut.

The alpha and omega of a suitable care is to ensure a sufficient dose of hydration with the help of nourishing and anti-aging agents which fight simultaneously against free radicals and against visible wrinkles.


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