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The right face care products to adopt according to my skin type


Do you have dry or simply dehydrated skin, combination or rather oily skin? Find here all the keys to get to know her better and to finally provide her with the exact care she needs.

1/ Dry skin

This type of skin does not lack water but lipids, in other words fat. In question the hydrolipidic film which does not produce enough sebum. Dry skin can be recognized by its tendency to pull , to have peeling areas , a rough feel in certain places and an ease in marking .

She likes: Rich formulas! Bet on cocoon treatments such as balm creams, oil serums and make-up removers with nourishing properties. Her favorite ingredients? Butters and oils, but also honey or even ceramides and urea.

She doesn’t like: Too hot water and limestone. These two factors that aggravate the problem on a daily basis. The parade ? thermal water misting to neutralize its aggressive effects. Winter is also a difficult season for it, protect it as much as possible by regularly using a cold cream type barrier cream on very cold days.

2/ Dehydrated skin

It’s not really a type of skin, but rather a state of discomfort that can affect all women at some point in their lives. Unmistakable signs: occasional tugging , tingling , loss of radiance and lack of flexibility .

She likes: All the ingredients that allow her to replenish her water and keep it. In particular hyaluronic acid , capable of watering it on the surface but also of replenishing the reserves in depth. Some thirst-quenching treatments also use the moisturizing power of plant active ingredients such as imperata cylindrica root or micro-algae.

She doesn’t like: Formulas that are too greasy. Avoid nourishing balms (unless you have dry skin to begin with) as you may start to glow quickly. Also beware of external aggressions such as wind, cold, pollution or even heating with very drying effects.

3/ Oily skin

His problem ? It produces too much sebum. which makes it shine and regularly leads to the appearance of blackheads and blemishes . With age, oily skin can also develop enlarged pores .

She likes: The re-balancing skincare formulas, based on zinc or mandarin nobiletin , which help regulate and limit sebum flare-ups. It’s even better if they also have moisturizing properties, because oily skin also needs water. She also likes peelings based on fruit acids which refine skin texture and purifying twice-daily cleansings.

She doesn’t like: Formulas for “acne-prone skin” intended for teenagers! An oily skin of 40 years does not have the same problems as those of younger people. So draw from dedicated ranges that treat the problem without over-aggressive the skin.

4/ Combination skin

Oily in places, dry in others: taking care of this type of skin is sometimes a real headache. These distinctive signs: a T-zone that shines with a few blackheads, imperfections and dilated pores , but also areas that tug on the rest of the face such as the cheeks.

She likes: Multi -masking . Once or twice a week, apply an agile or charcoal-based mask to the T-zone and a moisturizing mask to the rest of the face to give each zone a specific treatment shot. On a daily basis, she loves moisturizing care with fluid textures with mattifying or even exfoliating agents (like ahas). If these treatments are not moisturizing enough for dry areas, start by applying a thirst-quenching serum to these areas.

She doesn’t like: Cleaning with a brush with a foaming gel for oily skin, far too aggressive for her. Dry patches then become even more uncomfortable and you risk more frequent oil flare-ups.

5/ Sensitive skin

Like dehydration, sensitivity is a skin condition. For example, a combination epidermis may become sensitive for a period. This generally results in visible redness , tightness , feelings of overheating , discomfort and sometimes areas of dryness .

She likes: Simple skincare formulas with soothing ingredients like niacinamide and leave-in milk or oil makeup removers. Formulas based on prebiotics and/or thermal water clearly improve the barrier function of the skin, which makes it possible to lower the threshold of intolerances and its reactivity. The good idea: formulas that contain purified mineral pigments to gently reduce redness

She dislikes: Change. Similarly, avoid putting your skin on a “0 cream” diet for fear of reactions. Like the others, she needs hydration.

6/ Mature skin

We speak of mature skin when it shows visible signs related to age such as slackening, modification of volume, wrinkles , but also pigmentary irregularities. It also often becomes thinner. Its appearance, generally after the menopause, depends on several factors: heredity, lifestyle or even behavior in the face of the sun.

She likes: All the formulas that stimulate the functioning of her cells: peptides, hyaluronic acid , calcium, vegetable sugars are to be used without moderation. She also appreciates the massages which also allow to wake up the cells mechanically. Mature skin even more than others needs 24-hour care with a day cream and a night cream.

She doesn’t like: Cleanings that are too harsh, she needs gentleness to avoid drying out. Also pay particular attention to the sun, which accelerates the appearance of spots , wrinkles and dryness.


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